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CBD and Alcohol: Is it Safe to Mix?

The rise of cannabidiol has not been silent. Many different companies have taken notice of this hemp substance’s meteoric approach and have tried to marry their products with cannabidiol. Just how animal brands have made dog chews infused with CBD, alcohol companies have tried combining CBD and alcohol.

For many customers, the combination of CBD and alcohol is confusing. Is this a safe mix for them to consume? Or will this adversely affect customers? Cannabidiol users can make informed choices and decide on this for themselves. 

What is CBD?

One of the many compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant or the hemp plant is cannabidiol. There are more than one hundred compounds within the hemp plant. 

What is CBD

Many users often confuse this hemp compound with tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is what causes marijuana’s infamous “high.” However, unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. No amount of cannabidiol taken by users can cause a high.

For customers that are sensitive to THC or live in states with strict hemp laws, cannabidiol has become their preferred hemp substance of choice. Cannabidiol products that do contain THC only contain trace amounts of this compound. These products, categorized as “full-spectrum,” include only the legal amount of 0.3% THC or less. 

Full-spectrum products contain all of the natural compounds of the hemp plant. This combination means that the product is in its most natural form and activates the “entourage effect.” Through this effect, all of the elements of the hemp plant act as facilitators for CBD to work in its most effective state. 

If consumers want to purchase cannabidiol products without any THC, they should search for products labeled as “broad-spectrum” or “isolates.” 

Benefits of CBD

Although clinical trials and research on CBD is in its early stages, there have been several scientific studies that show the potential health benefits of this hemp compound. 

Most of the research conducted on cannabidiol’s health benefits relates to pain relief and anxiety relief. These studies have found that cannabidiol is most effective when it interacts with naturally-occurring receptors in the endocannabinoid system. CBD’s interaction with these receptors may be the answer to its pain and anxiety-relieving properties. 

A recent survey conducted researchers found noted that 90% of the two thousand participants claimed that cannabidiol helped improve both the frequency and the duration of pain episodes. 

Significantly, scientists recorded that many of the participants claimed CBD was most effective in reducing pain. Without using cannabidiol products, users report feeling an average pain score of 6.85. Meanwhile, when they are taking a regular cannabidiol dosage, users report a pain score of 2.76. 

Can You Mix CBD with Alcohol?

With the current FDA laws in the United States, the law categorizes CBD as a supplemental dietary product. Many users take CBD products as a kind of vitamin. Companies have recognized this and added vitamins to their hemp products to increase their possible health benefits. 

CBD oil and alcohol

Like any wellness product, most users will try to incorporate cannabidiol into their daily lives in order to enjoy the effects of CBD in the long term. However, alcohol is likewise part of everyday life. 

People consuming alcohol regularly is the norm. People drink during celebrations, gatherings, often pair alcohol with meals. Sooner or later, CBD users will encounter an occasion where alcohol is involved. It is natural for smart users to question the safety of mixing CBD and alcohol. 

Risks of Taking CBD with Alcohol

The popularity of the CBD has led many trendy bars to include CBD infused drinks into their menus. Many customers have rightfully wondered whether these products carry a new, added risks. Scientists have conducted preliminary research in the pursuit of analyzing the side effects of consuming both CBD and alcohol together and whether these substances amplify each other.

Alcohol reduces inhibitions and promotes feelings of relaxation. On the other hand, cannabidiol may reduce symptoms of anxiety and potentially calm the user’s nerves. When users take these two substances together, the sum effect may be an increase in sleepiness and sedation. 

Scientists have also found that taking CBD cocktails may affect the user’s mood and behavior. This is the most common result when studying the effects of CBD and alcohol together. 

Research and Case Studies

A study conducted by researchers found that test subjects showed a decrease in motor skills and accurate perception of time when given both CBD and alcohol. Both of these effects not felt by the user when taking cannabidiol on its own. 

Consumers note, however, that the above results were found by scientists who administered an excessive amount of cannabidiol on their test subjects. The amount of cannabidiol the test subjects consumed while on alcohol was significantly more than the average dosage. 

In general, users should be careful of the amount of CBD they take if they will be partaking in the consumption of alcohol later in the day.

CBD for Alcoholism: Research and Case Studies

Researchers have conducted some studies on the relationship between CBD and alcohol. Research on this topic branches out into many directions when it comes to purpose. Perhaps the most interesting study done on CBD and alcohol is with regards to addiction. 

CBD for alcoholism

In 2015, a published research article delved into the effects of CBD oil and alcohol. This peer-reviewed study found that cannabidiol had the potential to act as a modulator for several neuronal circuits damaged by long-term addiction. 

A more recent but similar study on CBD and alcohol was conducted by scientists on animal test subjects. Rats with histories of self-administrated doses of alcohol and cocaine were given transdermal CBD and observed over time. The result of the experiment revealed that cannabidiol may reduce a desire for both addictive substances. This effect lasted in the rats up until five months after the experiment. 

What researchers have found studying CBD and alcohol in relation to addiction is that the former may hold an important role in addiction recovery.

How do recovering addicts use CBD?

A survey conducted with participants using cannabidiol products to target issues of alcoholism and general addiction found promising responses. 

The records showed that most of the participants were addicted to more than one substance, with alcohol and tobacco being the most common combination. Researchers also found that the participants also noted their use of CBD for issues of anxiety, pain, and sleeping problems.

The results from the survey found that most of the participants described CBD to be very effective in their recovery. Recovering opiate addicts ranked the highest in the number of people who stopped taking drugs completely by using CBD. Recovering alcoholics ranked second. 

Although the combination of scientific research and surveys conducted with participants seem promising, it is important for recovering addicts to consult the necessary professionals to address their recovery plan.

Recovery is a process that is subjective to the individual. Recovering alcoholics should use cannabidiol alongside other methods recommended by health professionals. 

Learn More About CBD and Alcohol

For many CBD users, knowing the effects of mixing alcohol and cannabidiol is pragmatic and prevalent information. For most hemp users, these two substances are part of their everyday lives and cannot be completely separated from one another. 

However, knowing the right information on this topic is necessary for users to check if they should actively put the effort into avoiding alcohol if they’ve taken hemp-infused products. 

What happens when taking CBD and alcohol together?

Scientific tests have shown that when people take both CBD and alcohol simultaneously, they become more tired and sleepy. Users may even begin to be more clumsy and lose track of time.

However, this negative effect is the worst-case scenario and depends on the amount of both CBD and alcohol consumed.

What are the consequences of mixing alcohol and CBD?

Currently, there is not enough research on CBD and alcohol to concretely know clearly the consequences. 

Nevertheless, the lack of research should precisely be the reason that users should not mix the two. Drinking CBD with drinks may heighten the negative side-effects of consuming both in excess.

Can CBD make you more drunk?

The amount of alcohol in the system depends on the amount of alcohol that a person drinks. Consuming CBD will not increase or decrease someone’s level of “drunkness.” Many confuse feelings of sedation after taking CBD with an increased inebriation if they are also drinking, but this is not the case.

Does CBD oil help with alcoholism?

CBD use will not lead customers to replace one addiction with another. Hemp oil may help alcoholics achieve a sense of calmness and help users improve their sleep patterns. Recovering alcoholics also feel jittery as withdrawal symptoms. CBD oil may help reduce symptoms of anxiety. 

How does CBD oil affect alcohol intoxication?

When CBD and alcohol are both present within the system, the sedating and relaxing feeling of both these substances are noticeably heightened.

Scientists cannot say whether the combination of CBD and alcohol are reacting to one another or whether users are just experiencing the separate effects of the substances at once. 

Is CBD Legal? Hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are legal on the federal level but are still illegal under some state laws. Moreover, these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Keep in mind that nonprescription CBD products are not FDA-approved, and maybe inaccurately labeled.