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CBD Oil for Cancer

Research shows that CBD oil for cancer can help alleviate symptoms. But just how true is this information? In the United States, more than 16.9 million people have been diagnosed with cancer.

cbd oil for cancer

Billions of dollars around the world have been raised towards cancer research. The issue that has hindered doctors and scientists for decades is how resilient cancer is as a disease. Furthermore, the term “cancer” itself refers to 200 sub-diseases, ranging from breast cancer to prostate cancer. 

Cancer cells constantly shift and transform, changing their look and behavior. This is what makes pinning down an ultimate cure difficult. 

Alongside CBD’s increase in popularity is the increase in studies done on the compound. Currently, more and more clinical trials are being conducted to test CBD oil for cancer prevention and treatment.  

What Causes Cancer?

There is no single cause for cancer. Several factors produce cancerous cells in the body.

Childhood cancer often begins with stem cells. These simple cells produce other types of specialized cells that the body needs. Thus, cell mutation that leads to cancer happens sporadically and purely by chance.

Family history, inheritance, and genetics can lead to stem cells becoming cancerous. If a kind of cancer runs in the family, the chances of this genetic mutation being passed down are highly possible. 

Environmental exposure also plays a role in most childhood cancers. Exposure to pesticides, fertilizers, and even power lines have been cited to have a direct link to cancer in children. 

The overall survival rate of childhood cancer within five years is 80%. Children are more responsive to therapy and can tolerate more aggressive therapy. On the other hand, adult cancer often starts with an epithelial cell that becomes cancerous. This cell covers the body’s surface.

Environmental exposure is the main cause of adult cancer. This type of cancer is also referred to as an “acquired” cancer, as patients are afflicted through a prolonged period of exposure. A genetic mutation occurs after an accumulation of carcinogens from materials like diesel exhaust, asbestos, and X-rays. 

The lifestyle factor plays a key role in adult cancer patients. Smoking, a high-fat diet, and working in an environment with toxic chemicals are all cancer risks. 

The survival rate is 68% for adults with cancer within five years. 

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant. Consequently, research suggests that CBD can provide numerous health benefits. 

In the endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD activates the body’s natural cannabinoids. This leads to a host of benefits for consumers. 

what is cbd

The strongest scientific evidence for CBD is its effectiveness against childhood epilepsy. Consumption has led to a reduction of epilepsy symptoms, like seizures. 

CBD alters the serotonergic system. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that modulates stress in the body. CBD is anti-anxiety and can lower stress.

Studies have shown that CBD is also a bronchodilator. This is what makes it useful for asthma patients or other respiratory patients. Consumption aids in the widening of the bronchi and protection of the lungs. 

There are different kinds of CBD available to consumers. 

Sublingual CBD products are oils and tinctures. Users place droplets underneath the tongue. CBD oil is the most tested and researched kind of CBD product.

Edibles such as CBD gummies are made with CBD as an active ingredient in the edible recipe. CBD powder is concentrated into a crystallized version. CBD is ingested through the digestive tract and has the slowest rate of absorption. 

How Can CBD Cure Cancer?

Experimental studies show that, generally, CBD oil for cancer can reduce the spread of tumor cells and blocks tumor invasion. This is caused by CBD’s activating of the CB receptors in the body.

Still, it is too early to claim that CBD can treat cancer. What a majority of CBD research related to cancer has shown is that it is an effective complementary therapy. 

Many people with cancer suffer from appetite changes. CBD products can stimulate the appetite. For example, full-spectrum CBD products contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which can increase the appetite of consumers. 

Cancer patients feel pain due to inflammation and nerve pressure. CBD is anti-inflammatory and also causes wide-spread pain relief. 

A common side-effect of chemotherapy is nausea and vomiting. THC and CBD products can effectively keep nausea at bay for cancer patients. 

Although research on CBD as a whole is in the early stages, its ability to combat cancer is being studied. What research has shown is that CBD in the endocannabinoid system affects crucial cellular processes and pathways. These processes and pathways play a significant role in tumor development and CBD has shown an ability to hinder this growth. 

What Kinds of Cancer can CBD Cure?

Whether CBD for cancer treatment is possible is still debatable. There are no studies that conclusively state that CBD oil can treat cancer or that any other CBD product can be used this way. 

cbd for cancer treatment

However, studies are being conducted that analyze whether CBD can be a viable aid to cancer patients. 

Scientists from the University of Alabama’s CBD program studied CBD’s effectivity on patients with brain tumors. The study tested three male patients with brain tumors who took varying amounts of CBD dosages. It reported that, overall, CBD helped reduce the number of seizures of the test subjects. 

Italian scientists also studied CBD in correlation to prostate cancer. They found that a 1:1 CBD and cannabigerol (CBG) dosage reduced tumor relapse. These two compounds were most effective in the metabolic system.

Similarly, a study by scientists at Auburn University showed the antitumoral properties of CBD and THC. Long term intakes of CBD and THC together inhibit the spread of prostate cancer cells. 

Dr. Sean McAllister, a scientist at the Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, conducted a study on CBD and breast cancer. Specifically, this study showed that CBD is a potent inhibitor for breast cancer proliferation, metastasis, and tumor growth. 

In the same study, McAllister also found that CBD works well with first-line chemotherapy agents. CBD enhances the impact of anti-cancer pharmaceuticals while cutting the toxic dosage necessary. 

Safety of CBD for Cancer

Cancer patients have a vulnerable immune system. The effects of CBD products are entirely subjective to a patient’s case. Cancer patients, like all consumers, should exercise smart buying.

Cancer patients should consult with their doctor before taking CBD. CBD can cause a negative interaction if taken alongside other prescribed medication.

Possible Side-Effects and Health Hazards

The World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded that CBD has a good safety profile. There is no evidence that its use will cause a public health-related issue. 

That being said, some consumers experience side effects. These can include appetite changes, diarrhea, tiredness, and weight changes. These side effects usually peter off after the body has become acclimatized to CBD in the system. Adjusting one’s dosage also helps reduce the occurrence of negative side effects.

It is important to choose the right CBD product. The “best” product is always the safest product. 

Similar to grapefruit, CBD can affect the metabolization of some medications in the system. Patients under medication should check labels for a “grapefruit warning.” If your medication is labeled as such, consult with your doctor before consuming any CBD for cancer. 

Prescribed medication that has a grapefruit warning is usually antibiotics, anti-depressants, oral or IV chemotherapy, to name a few.

Best CBD Oil for Cancer

Patients who are interested in taking CBD oil for cancer or any other CBD product should talk to their doctor. Discuss viable options, dosages, and concentrations. 

best cbd products

When looking through product choices, make sure that the legal amount of THC is listed. The legal amount of THC in hemp-derived CBD products is 0.3% or less. Customers should also carefully read labels to check how much CBD is actually within the product. 

A company farming and manufacturing process is also important. CBD oil is made from living plants and is very sensitive to environmental changes. As a result, fluctuating weather, soil acidity, and water can affect the biology of the plant and the end CBD product. 

BlosumCBD is a great example of a company that cares about its products from start to finish. After every harvest, their farmers check for molds, metal, mildew, and pesticides. Similarly, the brand only uses organic hemp plants from the United States.


Cancer is an old disease, but our ways to combat it are very much new. Every day, scientists and doctors are trying to find an effective cure to a variety of cancers for millions of people afflicted. As a disease, it is infamously subjective.

Moreover, CBD’s effectivity in combating cancer is a claim that is only just being studied. The American Cancer Society supports the need for more research on cannabinoids for cancer patients. 

Lastly, you should not use CBD instead of other cancer treatments. It is not FDA approved to combat cancer and patients should always defer to their doctors and specialists. 

Is CBD Legal? Hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are legal on the federal level. Moreover, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and products that have not been FDA approved. Likewise, you must be at least 21 years old to purchase these products. Talk to your physician or medical doctor for additional information.

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